Green Stripe Naturals Ltd. is one of the first companies in Jamaica with all necessary licenses for cultivation, extraction and research preparing for the forthcoming exportation of medicinal and recreational cannabis and cannabis derivatives

Green Stripe Naturals Ltd.

Green Stripe was established to take advantage of the increasing worldwide opportunities in medicinal and recreational cannabis and cannabis derivatives. We have commenced operations in Jamaica, a country world renowned for its superior cannabis. Our goal is to move quickly to solidify and extend our current position as a leader in the burgeoning legal Jamaican cannabis industry.


Jamaica has 2.9 million inhabitants of which a large percentage have a cultural understanding and acceptance of cannabis use for medicinal and recreational purposes

Jamaican’s have a preference for natural remedies, including cannabis as medicine which has been used in many households for generations

Over 4 million tourists per year many of whom seeking the unique “Jamaican Ganja” experience

With over 100 years of growing history, Jamaica has developed superior genetics and strain variation to treat multiple ailments

Legalization of the cultivation and retailing of medicinal cannabis has launched a new domestic industry (only 4 dispensaries currently operating in the country)

Jamaica has a long-standing cannabis culture and “global brand recognition” for its superior cannabis genetics, potency and a history of pure organic cannabis cultivation. It is a low-cost producer and can support 3.5 cultivation cycles per year with perfect day/night rotation for optimal cannabis growth. A stable tropical climate and rich soil for maximum crop yield allows growers to take advantage of outdoor and indoor cultivation facilities


Export Legislation is Expected

Numerous requests from legal jurisdictions worldwide for premium Jamaican cannabis – offtakes agreements are being negotiated

World recognized Jamaican premium quality cannabis to be shipped into legal jurisdictions

Production costs far below international competitors with 3.5 growing cycles per year

Green Stripe’s operations will produce a wide range of ailment and treatment specific cannabis strains and cannabis products for international markets


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