Green Stripe Story

1 approved license, 4 conditional licenses

Low cost to produce and operate

Large and growing tourist market

Experienced operators

Experienced operators

Burgeoning market with very little competition

Green Stripe Naturals was formed to take advantage of the tremendous worldwide opportunities in medicinal cannabis and has focused its efforts in developing premium cannabis cultivation, processing, R&D, transportation and dispensary assets in Jamaica, a country internationally renowned for its superior native cannabis.

The Company is managed by its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Wayne Isaacs. Mr. Isaacs is an award winning and internationally recognized Jamaican-Canadian businessman with a tremendous record of accomplishment over his 28-year international career specializing in developing businesses based in emerging and third world economies. Mr. Isaacs has also been a founder, director and/or senior officer of numerous companies listed on stock exchanges internationally.


Green Stripe chose Jamaica as its focus given the country’s history of cannabis cultivation and promotion as well as:

  • The low costs of production compared to most jurisdictions worldwide;
  • Three-and-a-half cultivation cycles per year;
  • Perfect day and night rotation for optimal cannabis growth;
  • A stable tropical climate and rich soil for maximum crop yield;
  • Multi-generational experience in cultivation;
  • A culture that enjoys the widescale acceptance of medicinal cannabis use;
  • A history of, and international reputation for producing the world’s finest most potent strains of cannabis;
  • The near-term ability to export cannabis to other international jurisdictions; and,
  • Jamaica would be the 4th country worldwide to permit the export of its domestically grown cannabis

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