Green Stripe Projects

Green Stripe currently has a 25-year lease on 20 acres of prime agricultural property located in St. Jago, Clarendon, Jamaica. The construction of the Company’s Cultivation Facility on 3.5-acres of the property was completed in early 2019. The Property is approximately 20 acres in total and ideally situated for the cultivation of cannabis. It is relatively flat with very fertile soil and traversed by a river on its eastern and southern sides. Due to its size and configuration, Green Stripe will be able to grow and produce multiple strains of cannabis in both indoor and outdoor environments as required to supply the growing domestic and international commercial cannabis markets.

Green Stripe engaged a local construction contractor, quantity surveyor, architects and certified security firm to build out its Cultivation Facility to the meet the conditions and specifications as set forth by the Jamaican Cannabis Licensing Authority “CLA”. The CLA is the governing body that oversees and regulates the legal cannabis market in Jamaica. Completion of the Cultivation Facility was dependent on strict guidelines set forth by the CLA in ensuring that the following were completed:

  • Access road cut from main road to property
  • Initial 5.8 acres leveled and cleared
  • Installation of perimeter fencing for initial 5.8 acres
  • Construction of Guard House at main entrance
  • Hiring of Security Guards
  • Installation of Drying and Curing facilities
  • Installation of Cannabis Storage facilities
  • Installation of Crew Quarters (with kitchen, washroom and rest area)
  • Installation of Site Administration Office
  • Installation of secured base and loading / unloading ramp for greenhouse
  • Installation of greenhouse
  • Installation of 220V power lines and posts
  • Installation of water main for potable water
  • Construction of water pumping platform
  • Installation of sewage and septic system
  • Installation of perimeter (real time security) cameras
  • Installation of internal (real time) cameras
  • Implementing (real time) security monitoring


Cultivator’s License (Tier 3)

Cultivate over 5 acres of land with cannabis for medical, scientific and therapeutic purposes.

Processing License (Tier 2)

Process cannabis for medical, scientific and therapeutic purposes.

Transport License

Transport cannabis between two licensed premises in an approved motor vehicle. 

Herb House License (Dispensary)

Sell cannabis products domestically to local and international patients for medical and therapeutic purposes with a space on site for immediate consumption by patients.

Research & Development License (Analytical)

Undertakes all activities involved in the assessment, study, research, development and testing of products derived from all or any part of the cannabis plant, including the analytical services for own use.

Provide commercial services exclusively for the determination of any or all of the constituents, characteristics, quality or safety parameters of cannabis or cannabis products by the accepted and/or accredited method

Green Stripe will initially commence pilot cultivation with 300 to 400 locally accessed seeds from landrace strains and other strains to grow mother plants with the idea of having multiple strains to meet market demand.

After the initial harvest, Green Stripe will incrementally increase the scale of production over the entire 20 acres of property such that a consistent harvest of 30,000 plants will be produced each cultivation cycle. It is also anticipated that by Q1 2020 the Company will be in a position to scale up its cultivation utilizing additional adjacent properties.


Green Stripe has acquired the following conditional licenses:

Tier 3 Cultivation Licenses Approved

Full Cultivation License approved by CLA in February 2019 Construction of cultivation facility completed on 20 acres of prime agricultural land

Tier 2 Extraction License for 10,000 sq. ft. facility proposed to be located at the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus) in Kingston Extraction equipment to be owned by Green Stripe

Research & Development License (Analytical)

Analytical equipment to be owned by Green Stripe

Transportation License

Transportation and delivery vehicles to be owned by Green Stripe

Herb House (Dispensary) License

Facility to be owned or leased by Green Stripe

License to export cannabis and cannabis derivatives to legal markets worldwide will be applied for upon approval of new legislation.


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